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So there I am, cruising various websites that host play-by-post RPGs, looking for a game to maybe join.  The recruitment threads seem like the place to start, where prospective players pitch their character concepts to the GM in the hopes of being accepted into the party roster.  But goddamn if the characters people are putting forward aren't the most fucked-up things I've ever heard.

"Ill take up the challenge of a druid. Pending GM approval,how about a Half Dragon gray orc?"

"Stone Giant Fighter dual wielding scimitars"

"will be a renegade Drow Wizard"

"LN Drow Psychic Warrior"

"Goliath Monk "

"Race: Human [Half-Fire Elemental]"

"would be a fighter-type and would possess bodies on the material plane to fight in, with her combat abilities complimented by ghostly telekinesis"

"by the way, he is of the house Do'Urden.((Will explain later...))"

"lv12 lawful good ninja with twin punching daggers."

...and of course, my personal favourite was the fellow who arrived a bit late to the thread and only had this to say:

"all my ideas have been taken by other players"

To think of all the years I've wasted playing human fighters, halfling thieves, and elven wizards!  Only now have my eyes been opened!
I have seen true glory!   Glory, I say!

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Here are just some of the happy Infrared level workers who The Computer has assigned to this project. They are happy because The Computer tells them so. Can The Computer be wrong? Of course not, citizen! That would be treason...

Workers of Alpha Complex, The Computer salutes you!
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But apparently a counter divided can and will.

Now it's all nestled nicely in its brand new home.
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Moving a fifteen foot counter from Garden Park to James Street. Hoping to have eight men to assist. Every ten feet should be a heroic struggle. We have about a thousand feet to traverse. That's about one hundred heroic struggles. Back to back. With eight guys, that's still about twelve and a half man-struggles apiece.

Twelve and a half.


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